Free time

November 26, 2011

People should carefully plan activities for their free time. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.


           When I was in elementary school, the first thing I was forced to do right before vacation was planning a schedule. Back then I thought it was impractical, but thinking of it now, I believe it is one of the most important works to do preparing for a free time. Having a plan for free time prevents me from wasting time and helps my own achievement and development.

           The primary reason for setting a plan for free time is that it reduces wasted time. In free time, it is obvious for people to become lazy and have no motivation. As a result, they look back at themselves and see how much time they have wasted, and enormous amount of work undone. Feeling very upset, they will have to spend the night doing the unaccomplished work. On the other hand, with a plan to follow, people don’t forget the musts and spend time successfully. For example, about a month ago, I was thinking of playing tennis, finishing up my homework, watching a show program. However, I didn’t actually plan it, so I did whatever I wanted at the moment. It did feel comfortable but I skipped doing my homework and was in troubles. But recently, I started planning and learned from it. I could easily notice the difference from the existence and non-existence of plan, and how advantageous it is.


           On top of that, plan is needed for people’s development in life and for long-lasting achievements. Everyone, especially people with certain goals in life, benefits from plan during their free time. There is a saying that ‘time is money’, pointing out directly the importance of time. According to the maxim, time is surely precious and the best known way to save it, and a way that helps people have no regret afterwards, is planning. For example, in a TV show, there was an interesting experiment towards a group of university students. They were supposed to take a fake test after a week and professor allowed one week free time. The reaction differed, mostly divided into these two types: students who plan schedule, and students who don’t. When the professor announced the test result, it was proven that students who planned during their free time outperformed students with no plan. Some people say that people started to carry a planner after watching this show, wanting a success.


           To sum up, it is important to plan activities for free time, including both short and long time period. This is because plans reduce wasted time and adhere to one’s development. While everyone spends the same limited time, she or he should use the ability to plan time and feel how important this skill is while spending time with more quality.


While watching a CNN clip, there was a mentioning about homosexuality, which is still thought as immoral.

What bothers me so much is the hardships homosexuals will have throughout their lives. Maybe there is a way to not be so affected by not having social acceptance, but for most people that is not easy.

Throughout the history, there were many revolutions including Glorious Revolution, Democratic Revolution, Industrial Revolution, and so on. Followed back and forth with these revolutions, there were many changes. There were big changes in people’s thoughts, reactions, and there were new moral principles, new bias. But homosexuality is one of the things that are still not accepted by the society.

Maybe it is only me who thinks that who you love should be a total free choice. Anyhow, I hope they don’t suffer too much.

 Recently, I’m reading a book about the birth of the universe.

 While I’m facing difficulties in understanding all the formulas and scientifical facts, my curiosity still stimulates me to keep on reading.

 If you ask me to explain about the first 3 minutes of birth of universe, I still cannot.. but I hope I can soon!

Who is Mr.Yoon?

November 26, 2011

Korean pop-rock singer Yoon Do hyun is one of Korea’s favorite singer. His songs and lyrics have inspired me for a long time, and I thought it is time to know about the singer’s life and band’s history.

What is special about Yoon’s band(YB) is that the group is participating in social matters. Most Korean singers and celebrities fear to take a position socially or politically because of their worries in loosing fans. YB wasn’t one of them and they participated in many big demonstrations.

Their thoughts affected their songs. In 1997, from late winter to spring, YB had to fight with the broadcasting regulations while selling their album. The reason was not clear but the songs in that album was forbidden to play.

In December, 1994 they had a debut album. Many people and press showed interest, and there were many contridicting reactions. His first album was a big hit and many of his songs were appreciated as unique.

Since his debut, he became a legend in Korean Pop history, and still many people know of his songs. Nevertheless, there are less information about his past. What is known is that during 1980s when there was a metal boom, Yoon was one of the teenagers participating in metal school band. After graduation, he participated in a band and traveled around performing.

Listening to his songs, and while knowing about his past, YB became a bit more friendly than before. There are more to know about his past and I’m willing to find out more. Getting to know about a person is an exciting adventure. And this time it is more special because he is one of my favorite artist.


Michael Jackson Doctor’s Trial Goes To Jury

Lawyers reiterate their cases in closing arguments before jury deliberations begin Friday.

Following 22 days of testimony from 49 witnesses, the closing arguments were presented Thursday (November 3) in the involuntary manslaughter trial of former Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray.

Nearly six weeks after he kicked off the trial with a headline-grabbing image of an emaciated Jackson on a gurney following his death in June 2009, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren was first up with his closing argument. Walgren told jurors the evidence in the case was overwhelming and Murray’s actions directly led to Jackson’s death from an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol.


“The evidence in this case is abundantly clear … that Conrad Murray caused the death of Michael Jackson, that Conrad Murray left Prince, Paris and Blanket without a father,” Walgren said of the late pop singer’s three children. The DA reminded jurors that a number of medical experts called to the stand by both prosecutors and the defense said physicians had a legal and ethical obligation to deny a patient’s request to provide medical treatment that could end up harming them.

Returning to an argument the prosecution had made all along about Murray’s alleged motives for giving chronic insomniac the anesthetic, Walgren said, “Conrad Murray sought payment for services rendered, the services rendered being the provision of propofol. … Michael Jackson trusted Conrad Murray. But Conrad Murray corrupted that relationship, and for that, Michael Jackson paid with his life.”

Walgren said the evidence against Murray was “overwhelming,” stating that his guilt in the matter is “abundantly clear” and that testimony from defense anesthesiology expert Dr. Paul White that blamed Jackson for giving himself fatal doses of several drugs was “junk science.”

The prosecutor also reminded jurors about how they heard that Murray was speaking to one of his ex-girlfriends, cocktail waitress Sade Anding, when he realized Jackson had stopped breathing, proof that the physician was not properly monitoring the singer’s health.

“Was Conrad Murray in another room? Did Michael Jackson yell out for help? Did he gasp?” Walgren asked. “Did he choke? Were there sounds? We don’t know, and we’ll never know because of the neglect and negligence of Conrad Murray.”

Then it was defense attorney Ed Chernoff’s turn to present his closing argument, which included a detailed breakdown of the prosecution’s key witnesses and why their collective testimony “can’t prove [Murray committed] a crime, and they really need to prove a crime,” Chernoff told the jury.

Chernoff first attempted to discredit the testimony of Michael Jackson’s bodyguard Alberto Alvarez. He said it didn’t make sense that Murray would ask Alvarez to hide evidence since the two barely knew each other and that none of his fingerprints were found on the allegedly hidden evidence. The defense then went after the L.A. County coroner’s investigator for not taking proper notes and photos, as well as not providing a proper chronology. Chernoff emphasized that out of the evidence discovered in Jackson’s bedroom, none of the tubing found had propofol in it. Chernoff also accused prosecution expert Dr. Shafer of having a biased agenda and that his simulations had nothing to do with the case.

Chernoff told the jury there are two reasonable scenarios for Jackson’s death and that is the reason they should acquit. “What the [prosecution] is really asking you to do is convict Dr. Murray for the actions of Michael Jackson. Somebody has got to tell the truth. If it were anyone else other than Michael Jackson, would the doctor be here today?” he asked, reminding them that Murray’s other patients valued and appreciated the doctor’s care. Chernoff claimed Murray only wanted to help Jackson. “He was a little fish in a big dirty pond,” he said.

Furthermore, Chernoff defended Murray not immediately calling 911 because he was trying to save Jackson’s life and that his attempts at CPR did not work. Chernoff cautioned the jury that there is a tremendous desire to paint Murray as the perfect villain, but that there is “no perfect villain or perfect victim.” Chernoff agreed that administering propofol in a home setting may be inappropriate but emphasized the fact that Murray never gave Jackson any illegal drugs or substances. He also asked that the jury not hold Murray responsible just because the victim was Michael Jackson.

Prosecutor Walgren then took over to present the final closing arguments in the case. He reiterated that if Murray had used the proper monitoring devices or administered proper resuscitation or had not left the room, Jackson’s death “wouldn’t have happened.”

“We cannot prove exactly what happened behind closed doors,” Walgren said. “Michael Jackson could give answers, but he’s dead.”

Walgren reminded the jury that they know Jackson died from acute propofol intoxication and that Murray had plenty of opportunities to prevent it.

“Actions speak far louder than words,” he said. “At the end of the day, the issue is not that complicated. Murray was conducting a pharmaceutical experiment in a bedroom. I ask you return with a verdict of guilty on the count of involuntary manslaughter based on his actions alone.”

Judge Michael Pastor earlier instructed jurors that they had two theories they could rely on to find Murray guilty: If they believe he committed an illegal act by providing the propofol to Jackson in a negligent way, or if they believe he failed to perform his legal duty as a doctor by acting in a reckless manner that created a high risk of death.

The seven-man, five-woman jury has to unanimously agree on one or the other theory. In addition to considering the testimony of medical experts who have divergent opinions on the level of care provided by Murray, Pastor asked the jury to weigh the testimony of character witnesses who attested to the physician’s generosity when weighing the verdict.

The judge’s instructions were given in a standing-room-only courtroom that included several members of Jackson’s family, including his parents and siblings LaToya and Randy.

Jury deliberation will begin Friday and, if convicted, Murray could face four years in prison and the loss of his medical license.


October 11, 2011

       No one denies the fact that lessons taught by others are precious and gifted. Those lessons are the ones that help you grow-up, see beyond larger sights. I actually had pride because I liked learning from others, and was happy to find anything that I can learn from someone. I strongly recommended real lessons in the real world, rather than from books. I was confident to say that the society, and the people met in person to person can teach you much more than 100 books read.

        I just loved everyone. Without the distinction of sex,  the exciting moment was when I was getting to know a new person. As much as I liked people in general, I expected a lot from each person. I was anxious to know about someone, to be close with many people and to eventually experience more, and learn more. I knew that there are many different people in the world, and many of them can be life teachers.

            But, something was going wrong. I knew how to be a modest person, and how to learn from others. However, I never got any chance to learn from myself. In otherwords, I soon lost chance to learn from my own life experiences. As I thought again about this problem, I soon realized that what I call experience (of meeting new people) was just an event, not any different to having an interview with a famous celebrity. I was too busy admiring others, I forgot about myself.

          Soon, I realized it was not any different to the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Sure, learning from others is a wonderful thing. But, learning from others required looking back at oneself. Actually, that was what should come first, and before any other life lessons. But I was forgetting the most important part.

         Having interests in diverse people’s lives and wanting to learn about them is certainly not a bad thing. But I should always remember that the relationships I make are not always meant to give lessons. Instead, when I start admiring someone, it makes distance and makes it harder to make deeper relationships.

         The biggest problem I face now is that I am very unstable. I feel depressed and am very unsettled. Because I lost myself. Now I am not sure who I am, I can’t get a grip of any hint of who I am. It feels as if I am all unbarred.

        To find myself again, maybe I should start by asking, When did this all go wrong?  The answer may not be simple, but deep consideration about myself and the environment I am in is crucial. So it is time to stop looking up to others, and start being confident about oneself.

Breadth of mind

October 8, 2011

    As the exam period approaches, it became a hard thing to find breadth of mind.

  During these seasons, it starts to miss home, asks for food more often, feel very depressed, and worried, starts counting D-days, everything seems fun but studying, wants to watch movies more anxiously, and feels sick

  Usually it wasn’t that of a stress. The exam result did not affect my moods. But this time I feel pressure and most of all, I am very worried. While I STILL don’t study hard.



 I hope exam end soon.

Things change too fast.

October 8, 2011

  On that day, I was by myself. I didn’t feel any misery even when I had nothing to do but to study. It was obvious since my friends met in high school had lectures to attend, and my friends from junior high had exams. This was what I already expected; that I should spend time by myself.

 Feeling quite bored studying math, I could not restrain myself from calling some of my friends. I knew that they should be studying and I was not allowed to disturb. Nonetheless, I took out my phone and texted my old friends. Actually they were not the ones who I knew for so long, we first met in 2010. Even so, they were the ones who I trusted the most and shared the most with.








  Every time I visit home(while I usually stay at a dormitory) I find myself wandering around. I usually visit home on weekends, and when I do, I always  meet them. We meet, chat about daily lives, and talk about each of our schools. Time passes, and by the time we notice, it is already late night. Being with them, I can feel how blessed I am to meet these friends.

 But even being with these friends, loneliness does not disappear. We shared that loneliness. Being with my favorite people, why is it that we feel lonely?

 Had no wonder thinking that it was only my sensitivity since we haven’t met for a long time. However, what we talked about was quite sad and gloomy. We were concerned about our future, and the fact that things change too fast. We talked about a friend who leaved and started attending school at America. We talked about our new classmates and what is so different about them. We did not talk about any adults. It may be too consulting to talk about those issues.

 Why were we so lonely? We had new friends and still had our family, and we still met occassionally. After graduating from junior high, we certainly were parted from many friends. But the  new friends were not able to fill up that emptyness, even though I believe I have spent enough time with new guys. So there was the answer. We were lonely because of the change. The fact that everything change, it was a very lonely thing.

 I sometimes think about my position in life. I went through many changes and dramatic events, however there are even more left. The only thing that does not change is the fact that I am me, myself. Everyone change and every relationship changes. Although I want to hold on to it longer, things change too fast and maybe this loneliness is inevitable.

In person than in writing?

October 2, 2011

Is it better to complain in person than in writing?


           Living with others in a society, there are times that people feel unsatisfied with other people or things. Then, people start to complain about it to the source of the trouble. In my opinion, people should be complaining in person rather than in writing to make no misunderstanding and to receive a direct response.


           To begin with, it is effective to complain face-to-face since it lets people complain the problem effectively, letting the others acknowledge the importance of the subject. In writing, knowing other’s feeling is limited and sometimes it leads to misunderstanding each other, whereas seeing someone’s face awakens what she or he is trying to tell. For instance, there was an experiment on two groups of people working at a furniture shop. The first group received a mail from their customer complaining about how the sofa she bought was easily broken. The mail included some blames towards the workers and mad them unpleasant. The other group had a customer visiting the place complaining with the same sentences used in the letter. But this time, the workers were actually feeling sorry to the customer. After the experiment ended, there was an interview towards the workers. While the first group members still did not understand what the customer meant because it was not easy to notice in written language, but the second said that they could easily notice the problem.


           On top of that, when the complaining is done in person, people can earn a direct response and help the problem get solved quickly, reducing more problems. Especially when the problem is serious, people wait for the answer with more anxiety. If someone complains to the other in person, they might have a chance to talk about the problem and solve it in the moment. For example, I once wrote an e-mail to a shop about late delivery but never got a response, and the delivery was still behind time. After waiting for a few months, I went to the shop myself and complained about it. I got to find out why it was always so late, and they made a promise they will be more careful. It was better to ask in person than waiting long for an uncertain response.


           To conclude, I believe that complaints should be done in person than in writing because it lets others recognize the problem and give quick reaction to complainer. Although complaining may have difficulties, if someone decides to do it in person, the result will be much better than done in writing.

3IDIOTS and me

October 2, 2011

   Farhan’s dad got a letter from the principle that says a friend of Farhan is ruining Farhan’s life.

   While his father is scolding Lancho, Farhan cannot say anything because he knows how hard his father supported himself. He fails to stand up to his father, as always.

 Students learn methods and formula everyday, but they loose their youthful passion. They loose their dreams and maybe themselves. Farhan, for instance, does not even feel uncomfortable about becoming an engineer when his real dream is a photographer. Lancho does want to become an engineer and loves engineering, but even he feels bored when it comes to classes.

This is the picture of a class in one of the most famous and well-systemed college.

    A student dies because of the overwhelmed pressure. He was not able to stand the pressure and commited suicide.

   The professor who is responsible for that pressure says the student was too weak. The professor is not able to see that not everyone is strong enough and that human beings are weak creatures. He does not know how to tolerate different types of people.

In the end, everyone is happy. That is one of the biggest fascination of the movie. However, we still have some things to think about. Lancho and his friends were happy after following their own dreams and strong will. Even under an unfair and impersonal system of the society, they did not give up and they trusted themselves.

Are we honeset to ourselves? Are we living ‘our’ lives? Aren’t we being chased by other’s dreams and what others think is valuable?

Sometimes I take some time to think about those questions. However, I soon continue on with my life. Maybe I am lucky to live a life that I can satisfy with. Or, maybe I do not even know what I truly want, and maybe that is something different from my own life.


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